Why Eating Chocolate Prior to Bedtime Is Not a Good Idea

March 30, 2021

Why Eating Chocolate Prior to Bedtime Is Not a Good Idea

It seems that more and more people these days aren't getting enough sleep. However, did you know that simply eating the wrong foods can significantly really mess up your sleep cycle? Yup, and according to experts, one of those foods that should be avoided is chocolate.

While dark chocolate does contain many health benefits - such as antioxidants to help reduce stress, may improve blood flow, may protect skin from the sun, potentially improve brain function, and more - it is high advisable to consume this treat as a dessert for lunch instead of after dinner. If possible try to avoid eating any chocolate after 5 p.m.

In case you didn't know, chocolate contains caffeine which can make it hard for some to fall asleep. It can also mess up your sleep cycles and prevent you from going into the deep sleep stages every one needs to wake up feeling well rested.

After consuming chocolate, your body will be hard at work trying to process the caffeine & sugar. It also contains an antioxidant, called theobromine, that affects your body similarly to how one reacts to caffeine. Although eating one to two small pieces of chocolate is not exactly the same as downing some coffee, if you already have a hard time falling asleep or getting good sleep, it may be best to cut these delicious dark treats close to bedtime. In addition, everyone's body reacts differently to caffeine, so for some people they may feel the effects of the caffeine in chocolate more than others.

So try consuming your chocolate earlier and hopefully you can get better quality sleep. If you are still having trouble sleeping, it could be due to magnesium deficiency, so try supplements such as FarmHaven Magnesium to fill up on the mineral your body needs to regulate your sleep!