3 Signs You Need a Reset

October 01, 2020

3 Signs You Need a Reset

You have been on the go constantly and have been putting your all into your family, your work, and other volunteer activities. Maybe it's a good time to stop and reflect on whether you need a recharge or not. Read ahead to see three signs that say you need to reset your body!

Poor Sleep Schedule

Some of us are night owls and thrive at night, while others are just the opposite, they can't help but wake up super early. Because of that, many don't actually getting the sleep needed for our body to rest and function properly throughout the next day. Even if you think you're still young and don't feel like you are greatly effected by the little amount of sleep you get, sleep is actually of the best boosts we can give to ourselves that can help with our overall health. Can't seem to doze off into deep sleep? It could actually be due to magnesium deficiency!

Getting enough sleep helps your body to run smoothly. It can help keep your immune system high, improve your mood throughout the day, relieve stress, allow you to think clearer, and can also regulate your eating habits. The average adult needs at least 7 hours of sleep, so if you've been giving yourself less than that, your cutting out precious time your body needs to replenish your body's overall wellbeing. So don't skimp out, put your electronics far from your bedside, and make it your aim to get the sleep your body deserves after a hard day of work.

Craving Junk Foods

Putting on a lot of weight lately? Has it been due to an increase in junk food? A chocolate snack in the morning, a bag of chips on the side, some soda here and boba there, and it just keeps going throughout the day. Did you ever stop to think, "Am I actually hungry or am I just mindlessly munching on snacks?". If we can take the time to pause and think, it can help us resist the urge to grab something sugary. The better your metabolism works, the more calories you can burn, and the easier it will be to maintain or aim for your ideal weight.

Instead of just eating whatever, such as fast foods, for the sake of convenience, plan your meals out. Aim for protein-rich foods such as fish, nuts, & eggs as well as foods known to boost your metabolism such as fruits, veggies, and more! You can also add apple cider vinegar into your diet to help support healthy weight loss. Also, sometimes, when we think we're hungry, we may actually just be dehydrated, so why not grab a cup of water to drink instead first? Try these suggestions to reset your diet and get on track to a healthier you!


Mood Swings

It may be a little more than just "under the weather" mood or because you're on that time of the month (for the ladies out there). In fact, the two factors above - sleep & diet - can really affect your mood as well! Sleep helps our bodies to regulate hormones that cause stress, so a lack of rest can increase the effects of stress on our bodies. Reducing your sleep by as little as one in a half hours for just one night can cause up to 32% reduction of daytime alertness. Studies have shown that simply one night of not getting enough sleep can cause irritability, lack of energy or motivation, poor decision making, and impulse to overeat. Is that convincing enough to improve your sleep habits?

What about diet and mood? Well, eating too much junk can make it hard for your body to properly detox, and can overload your system, causing you to become more moody. On the other hand, not eating the right foods and having bad digestion can impact our mood.

Our mood and energy levels are largely affected by our blood sugar levels. When we can't digest our food efficiently, it can lead to imbalanced blood sugar levels that cause low energy levels & mood swings. So making sure that you have a healthy digestion is impertinent to improving your mood!


The Takeaway

It's always a good idea to take some time to care for yourself. Our bodies are not a machine and even machines breakdown without the proper care and maintenance. So don't delay, invest in yourself today so that you can live a longer & healthier life!