Winter Skin Care: 8 Remedies for Dry Skin

January 14, 2021

Winter Skin Care: 8 Remedies for Dry Skin

Aside from the breathtakingly beautiful white wonderland that takes place, there are also a few less pleasant side effects of the winter season. Dry, itchy skin. It's quite the common knowledge that the harsh winter weather can severely sap the moisture in your skin. Are there any effective, soothing remedies that can help keep both our face & body skin from cracking & drying out? Here are eight remedies we highly recommend to consider:


1. Avoid Long Super Hot Showers

Nothing beats a steaming hot shower on a chilly winter morning. Right? However, did you know that hot water is actually the prime suspect for causing dry skin during the winter? So for those that love to take their time and bask in the steam & hot water for 30 minutes at a time, keep it short. Don't shower for longer than 10 minutes. To make your showers more moisturizing, switch out your body soap to ones that are more moisturizing or opt for body cleansing oils instead that contain plant oils. This will help protect your skin's moisture barrier.


2. Use a Thicker Moisturizer

Make sure to slap on a moisturizing body lotion after you shower, as much of the moisture in your skin may have evaporated during the hot shower. You may consider switching to a thicker moisturizer like a cream than the one you normally use during the summer seasons. This will help seal in the moisturizing ingredients and prevent dry, cracked, flaky skin. If you experience dry skin on the face, you can try layering moisturizers with a hydrating serum.


3. Moisturize Often

Especially during the dry, winter months, it's important to moisturize both in the morning and prior to sleep. Sometimes it's easy to skip the body lotion before bed, however make sure to rub in a hydrating body lotion all over your body down to your feet as the heating in your house can sap all the moisture in your skin during the night. You can also wear socks afterward moisturizing to help trap in and allow the lotion to soak in better. Feel free to also moisturize throughout the day whenever you feel like your skin is getting dry and itchy.

4. Wash Your Face Once a Day

During the winter, try limiting the number of times you wash to once a day and right before you sleep at night. You may also want to consider switching over to a gentler cleansing oil and/or a more hydrating facial wash that will leave your skin clean but not parched.


5. Don't Exfoliate Too Much

It's true that exfoliating can help prep your skin to absorb the moisturizing creams and serums better, however, over exfoliating can further deplete your skin of moisture and cause more irritation. If you have super sensitive skin, skip the exfoliation altogether and incorporate a wet washcloth instead. Make sure to exfoliate no more than once a week. Also, no matter how itchy your dry skin is, try to avoid scratching it as much as possible. Instead dab a hydrating balm or ointment on it to calm your skin down & give it the moisture it needs.

6. Incorporate a Humidifier

In the winter, it is common for many families to crank up the heater or that in-floor heating. However, that can leave us with super dry skin & chapped lips in the morning. A humidifier is thus, your go-to buddy. Having a humidifier on, especially while you sleep, helps to replenish the moisture back into the air. So consider investing in one if you don't already have one!


7. Stay Hydrated!

Yup, we hear this ALL the time, but we must stay hydrated as it can directly affect our skin cell regeneration. Make it your goal to drink at least 8-10 cups of water each day.


We hope these tips can help you beat the drying effects of the winter season!