Why Are Young People Now More Susceptible To Cancer?

May 07, 2019

Why Are Young People Now More Susceptible To Cancer?

"Why are young people are now more likely to develop cancer?" is a question lingering in the thoughts of many. 

Of course, cancer can be obtained at any age, and the risk of cancer in the elderly is still greater, however more and more young ones seem to be getting cancer nowadays. What is the cause?

Why do you get cancer when you are young?

      The most pertinent reason is that more and more environmental factors can cause cancer, and there seems to be no safe eating habits compared to before. Carcinogens are ubiquitous and difficult to prevent. Young people are more self-willed, and poor lifestyles and eating habits are mainly concentrated on young people. Because young people are also more profligate, such as eating a variety of fried junk food, smoking and drinking, staying up late, life is completely irregular. Therefore, these days young people seem to be more and more at a higher risk of developing cancer than than older ones.

     However, cancer is a geriatric disease, mainly in middle-aged and old people, so everyone should attach great importance to this issue. On the other hand, young people themselves must recognize this problem and change their bad lifestyles and eating habits. On the other hand, parents should also receive anti-cancer treatment from an early age, which indicates that this work should be taken seriously from pregnancy. Prenatal and postnatal care can help avoid exposure to carcinogens during pregnancy.  Also parents who do not smoke create a healthy environment for children.

    In addition to the facts mentioned above, there are some factors that make people disillusioned. Everyone seems to psychologically accept it when the elderly get it. If young people get cancer, it causes psychological shock for everyone. The vast majority, especially young celebrities, suffer from cancer, and their spread is very strong. For example, in recent years, young stars have cancer, so everyone exclaims, "So many young people have cancer!". In fact, there is no such high ratio, but at the same time, it is not entirely exaggerated.

In short, although there seems to be an increase in the number of young people getting cancer, cancer still affects mostly middle aged to elderly ones. However everyone should be aware and take cancer preventative measures such as enhancing ones' lifestyle and getting rid of bad eating habits.