What You Eat May Affect Your Mental Health

March 23, 2021

What You Eat May Affect Your Mental Health

Most people focus on how the food they eat affects their physical bodies, but did you ever think that what you eat may also affect your mind?

Have you ever went all out on a cheat meal and then felt awful both physically and mentally the next day? Well, more and more researchers are beginning to notice a possible connection between what we eat and our mental health. There have been an increasing talk that those who consume more whole fruits and vegetables seem to have a lower risk of getting depression than those who consume more processed foods, sweets, & fatty meats.

Aside from that possibility, it could be that certain foods may have an even greater positive impact on our mental health! For example, one of the top diet researchers claim for having a positive impact on our mental health seems to be the Mediterranean diet. This diet consists mainly of fruits, vegetables, dairy products, olive oils, beans, fish, and poultry, with moderate amounts of red meat. So who knew this diet could have such an affect on our mind aside from our bodies!

One possible reason why this diet could have this effect on our mental health may be because the foods consumed in this diet help fight against inflammation. Inflammation can get in the way of our brain's ability to repair itself and can indirectly affect our mood and energy. However, regardless of the type of diet, research seems to support that what we consume can have an impact on our mental health. What's important is not focusing on eating only one or two food groups but also making sure that we have a regular and balanced intake of healthy foods.

So the next time you want to reach for those chips stashed in your drawers, you might want to consider the possible negative impact it may be having on your mental health and swapping over to a healthier alternative!