What are the benefits of milk thistle?

June 05, 2019

What are the benefits of milk thistle?

  Data shows that the number of people drinking in the world has been on the rise. The consumption of alcohol has gradually become a trend of globalization. Young consumers of “30+” have become the main group of people who consume alcohol.

  Festivals and social occasions tend to be places where many young ones excessively drink alcohol. When alcohol is broken down, high-calorie fat will precipitate in the liver cells, which can cause health issues such as fatty liver, and even cause cirrhosis, which is irreversible to the body. Clinically, 80% of deaths from liver disease are associated with alcohol consumption.


   The liver is the only detoxification organ in our body. After eating, the liver will leave all the toxic parts for detoxification, decomposition, and excretion. Although the liver is so powerful, it is also an organ that is vulnerable to harmful substances. Consumers are becoming more aware of the vital role the liver has in breaking down alcohol, and the importance of keeping the liver working properly. Therefore, some young people who often stay up late and drink excessively want to buy liver health products to strengthen and support their liver.

  On the other hand, liver disease has become one of the most high-risk diseases in the world, and patients with liver diseases such as type A, B, and C are increasing year by year. According to statistics, there are 570 million patients with liver disease worldwide, and the number of patients infected with hepatitis C is about 170 million. The development of advanced drugs for treating liver diseases has become one of the important tasks of medical care all over the world.

  In addition to the direct effects of alcohol to our liver, long-term sleep irregularities, as well as lack of sleep can also affect the body's functions, including the liver. According to statistics, in recent years, 60% of young people will spend their sleep time to complete their work, and only 3.4% will be able to work on time. For many, staying up late has become a daily routine, and the main factors affecting sleep are work, entertainment, and psychological stress.

  Vitamin supplementation is considered a healthy way to maintain liver function without reducing or refraining from drinking. "Detoxification" related products on the market are also attracting the attention of many. Although the market for liver products that claim to be detoxify is smaller than immune-supported or cognitive health products, it is still a very popular choice among American consumers, especially young people. Many of the specific ingredients they look out for are Silybum, Artichoke, Curcumin, etc. to protect the liver.

  Silymarin is a plant extract extracted from the seed coat of the seeds of the medicinal plant Milk Thistle, which is a yellow powder or a crystalline powder. Silymarin can protect liver cells from toxic substances, especially alcohol and environmental pollutants, and has strong antioxidant function. It can protect liver cells from free radical damage, and its efficacy is far better than vitamin E and it can promote protein. Synthetic speeding up of new liver cells, or repairing damaged liver cells, is called a "natural liver-protecting drug."

  Silymarin is an indispensable plant extract for the treatment and prevention of liver diseases, and it is increasingly being valued by pharmaceutical companies and medical research.