The Secret of Giving Compliments That Brightens Another Person's Day

April 21, 2021

The Secret of Giving Compliments That Brightens Another Person's Day

We've probably all experienced getting a half-hearted compliment from a colleague or friend and it probably didn't impact as much. However at the same time, we've probably give our fair share of the same type of compliments to others. But what would happen if we worked on giving out sincere commendation to others and what are some steps we can implement to make our vague comments turn into the kind of praise that can put a smile on someone's face for the day?


Benefits of Giving Genuine Compliments

Well first and foremost, who doesn't like heartfelt compliments? It makes us feel better about ourselves. So when we give out real meaning compliments we can help out someone who may be having a rough day to feel better about themselves and their situation. However, did you know that giving compliments not only benefits others but also yourself? When you take the time to admire others and voice out a thoughtful praise to someone, it can actually help boost your own self-confidence and self-esteem. When you start giving out compliments, it can create a positive, uplifting chain reaction.

It is also one of the most powerful gifts you can give to a friend to help reinforce their value. At the same time, it can also strengthen your relationship with another person. Know someone close to you that you like to be around with? How does that person make you feel? Likely that person makes you feel valued and positive about yourself. So similarly, compliments make others feel good and who doesn't want to be around someone that makes them feel good? People love to be around positive people and they will be more likely to listen to what you have to say and do what you recommend them.


3 Steps to Give Effective Compliments

Now that we know the benefits of compliments, whether it is the receiver or the giver, what are some steps we can take to give thoughtful, sincere praise? It's actually a lot simpler than we think! Here are three basic methods you can try incorporating to make your compliments more meaningful to others.

1. Be Specific

It's all too convenient for us to just say, "You did great" or "You look nice". However if you swap that to "The way you delivered your presentation with such power and enthusiasm was uplifting!" and "That blouse really compliments your beautiful eyes, where did you get it?",you'll be surprised at the different reaction of the receiver. So the next time you want to give a compliment, stop for a moment and think about it. You can describe specifically how what that person did had an effect on you or others or mention specifically what it was they did that you appreciated. So try to pay attention to the small details in others and commend them, You'll be amazed at how powerful it is!

2. Expect to Give Freely

Compliments don't just make others feel great but they also help us to take time to appreciate and respect others. So try to give it freely without expecting anything in return. Although it can be awkward at first, it will naturally grow on you and people will be about to sense your genuineness, warmth, and kindness. When you give compliments freely, it will come out more natural and the receiver can feel the power in the words you say to them.

3. Use their Name

Of course you may want to consider the local customs, but if this is respectful in your area, take the time to use a person's name in your compliments. It sounds like a very simple thing to do, but it's hard to explain how much more so it means to someone when you call them by their name. It shows that person to a greater degree how much you value them and that they are worth knowing as an individual. For example, "You've truly been a great friend..." versus "I must say, Richard, you've truly been a great friend..." Can you sense the difference in the two expressions. Using a person's name can also make the compliment stand out more, as if you had carefully prepared and thought out what you wanted to say to them instead of it being just something you just thought of spontaneously.


Accept Compliments

At times, perhaps because of culture influences, the environment we grew up in, or we're just not accustomed to hearing sincere comments directed to ourselves, one may find it hard to accept compliments from others. However, learning to accept compliments is almost just as important as learning how to give sincere compliments to others. Have you noticed yourself in the habit of deflecting heartfelt compliments from others? If you find yourself struggling with this, try to remember that compliments given are like well-prepared gifts. It is there sincere gift to you.

Would you like it if someone refused to take a gift you thoughtfully prepared for them? Of course not. Likewise, remember that this is others' gift to you and accept it graciously. Don't devalue their gift (compliment). If you feel a bit shy, you can just simply say, "Thank you, that's very nice of you to say". When we do this, it can nourish our mental health as it can boost our self-confidence which in turn can contribute to more positivity in our life and in those around us.



Compliments are powerful. Sincere ones even more so. They can fix up a broken person. They can strengthen and empower. It can help promote a more positive environment. It can help us to develop more empathy for others and not take for granted those around us. It can also help us to appreciate those around us and show them the respect they deserve. When we take time to make others feel valued, it can improve our relationship with others and encourage others to do the same. With just this simple tool, you can improve not only others' life but also yours!