Stay Healthy While Staying at Home

May 08, 2020

Stay Healthy While Staying at Home

Getting stuck at home during this Covid-19 pandemic? As this coronavirus continues to spread rapidly, a growing number of people are staying home. It’s an effort to keep you, your family and your loved ones safe and to keep from getting the virus. Our usual routine definitely has changed and has been interrupted. Some might have ended up being stressed and faced uncertainty.  This is the best time to learn ways how spending more time at home can be more meaningful and healthier. We must look around and consider what we can do to prevent debilitating effects of staying for yourself or a loved one. Take these steps to maintain your well-being.

Keep in touch, connect with your loved ones. In this modern technology, we are given so many choices on how to stay connected. Schedule a virtual party dinner via Zoom or Skype or whatever platforms you prefer. It helps to keep a healthy state of mind when you stay connected and in touch with your family and friends. You can call, text or video chat from time to time. This will help boost your mood and help you feel less alone in this trying time. When you have everyone at home, get everyone out of their rooms and group together for a special lunch or dinner, a board game or a couple of drinks maybe.

Plan healthy meals. Stick to your normal meal schedule and eat three meals a day.  When preparing your meal, always try to include a fruit and a vegetable, a whole grain and a lean protein. Planning for you and your family’s meals can give you a sense of control when everything else seems crazy. For sure you are eating out less these days, consider it an opportunity to try new, healthier ways of cooking and eating. If you’re working from home, resist the urge to snack on junk foods and chips, work in a room that’s not close to the kitchen. If you really do nosh during the day, choose something from our list of quick, healthy snacks, such as fresh fruit or mixed nuts. Keep a water bottle or glass of water nearby and sip regularly.

Get moving. Develop an at-home workout plan. Find ways to stay active because at home you can end up sitting most of the day and getting much less steps in than usual. To counteract this, find an exercise video you enjoy on YouTube do a quick but daily exercise. Move your body, it may be so tempting to binge-watch your favorite TV shows all day long but you always have to consider putting your health at your topmost priority. Household chores count and can also keep your body active in physical activities. So, think about keeping your house clean while helping your body stay healthy.

Do what makes you feel good. Find ways to laugh. There are many aspects of this public health crisis you can’t control. So, it is important to focus on what you can control, like your health and wellbeing. Do activities that make you happy. Limiting your exposure to social media and news outlets. Stay informed with credible sources but minimize your time checking the news. Your mental health during this time is just as important as your physical health. Nurture your emotional health.

Spend time outside to steal some fresh air. Keeping in mind the proper social distancing protocol, it’s perfectly safe to go outside for a walk, jog or hike. Connecting with nature can help boost your mood and reduce stress. This is actually what we need during this time.

No one knows when this will end. But take control over your mindset and change your perspective, you are not stuck at home, you are safe at home. We’ll get through this challenging time together.

Keep safe