Should Women Take Multivitamins?

January 12, 2021

Should Women Take Multivitamins?

You often hear people say that to stay healthy, you need to make sure your body gets a healthy dose of the right mix of vitamins. But what's the difference between generic multivitamins versus those geared for women only? Can't you just get the nutrients you need through diet? Let's find out.


Why Take a Multivitamin?

Our body needs plenty of vitamins and minerals everyday. However, according to the CDC, most adult women in the USA aren't consuming enough of each nutrient on a daily basis through their diets. The deficiencies can cause symptoms from weight gain to fatigue. Taking a multivitamin supplement helps those who are at risk of a particular deficiency or as an extra boost to help prevent becoming deficient.

Is there A Difference in Women Multivitamins?

Yes. Women have slightly different nutriential needs than men to maintain a healthy body. Their bodies require a variety of vitamins & minerals during different stages of their life, such as during menstruation, pregnancy, breastfeeding, growth, & menopause. Some vitamins work better together or help your body to absorb other nutrients more effectively.


Can't I Get My Nutrients Through Diet?

Apparently not. According to a survey conducted by the CDC, most adult women don't get enough through their diet. There has also been a confusion as to which foods are right for your body and gives you the nutrients you need. Also, depending on each person, there may be certain allergy restrictions which may limit how much nutrients a person could get from just diet alone. Therefore, even the best diet might not provide you with all the vitamins and minerals your body needs. And that's where supplements come in.


What to Look for In a Women's Multivitamin?

Here are a list of vitamins & minerals to look out for when you're searching for the perfect multivitamin for women:

  • Vitamin B12
    Essential vitamin that your body requires but cannot produce. Helps prevent birth defects, supports bone health, & helps boost energy.

  • Vitamin C
    A powerful antioxidant that helps strengthen your immune defense.

  • Vitamin D
    Helps regulate the amount of calcium for the healthy growth & development of your bones.

  • Vitamin E
    Taking this vitamin may help decrease menstrual pain and boost mood.

  • Vitamin K
    This vitamin plays a key role in helping the blood clot to prevent excessive bleeding.

  • Folate
    This B vitamin helps facilitate the development of healthy skin cells and is essential during pregnancy.

  • Iron
    Helps increase energy levels, promote healthy pregnancies, & replenish iron lost during the menstrual period.

  • Magnesium
    This mineral helps you improve sleep health, boosts mood & energy, and supports immunity.

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