Quarantine 15: Revamp Your Lifestyle

June 01, 2020

Quarantine 15: Revamp Your Lifestyle

Lives have been disrupted during this lockdown period and it has become a perfect setup for piling on pounds. This has been referred to as gaining a “quarantine 15.” It might be too soon to say how widespread the weight gain has reached and really is. But the lack of physical activity and having some comfort food when bored, could explain most things. Staying indoors could mean that most people are less active and tend to eat more processed foods that they usually might, otherwise.

The deadly pandemic adds anxiety and stress to people. This will then lead them to consuming more alcohol and eating more foods. There are reports which showed that sales of alcoholic beverages went up by 55% in the early days of lockdown. And you know that drinking tends to add pounds on you, right? Talking about all those empty calories and added eating related to drinking too. Also, alcohol messes your sleeping patterns. You might fall asleep quickly, but for sure, you won’t sleep soundly.

Then we got introduced to a newfound sedentary lifestyle. Gyms are closed and your usual physical activities like walking to work, physically going to meetings, walking from where you park to your office have all disappeared. Your walk counter started to show decrease in your number of steps, from thousands to only hundreds or even less.

We are actually in a ‘some gain, some lose’ game. Because for some, this lockdown restricts them from eating in the restaurants or fast food chains, getting extra pastry while having coffee in Starbucks or walking by a co-worker’s candy dish.

So, what makes you win in this ‘some gain, some lose’ game? It is developing the power to regain control. We do not know when this lockdown ends. And if this is going to be the new normal, you have to rebuild the healthy habits. Reverse the thinking. Instead of agreeing with ‘quarantine 15’, look at this as an opportunity to lose weight. Imagine, having all the time in the world to focus on yourself and body. Make adjustments on your work from home setup. Get your work table out of the kitchen or away from the pantry. Make an office-like setting for your desk and position it far from your fridge. You might have a lot of time available for cooking like a chef, but please, just focus on easy meals. A simple, healthy meal on the table will save your time and effort. Healthy meals aren’t so hard to prepare anyway. This comes with a proper meal planning as well. Build meals around the ingredients on hand. Spend time outside. This doesn’t mean you’ll go far and beyond your limitations. Just step outside and spend some time with nature. Researches say that 15 minutes with nature reduces cortisol and helps you develop a proper eating habit. Make this as a perfect diversion every time you feel the urge to eat your entire fridge. Lastly, do not be afraid to get some help. If you feel that you are not getting things under your control, share it to family member or a close friend. And seek advice as well from a dietitian.

Every individual has their own unique way of dealing with things. The approach is always different. But whichever way we choose to go, decide to release the best version of yourself during this lockdown. We are capable to adjust to the current situation, so do it positively. Always choose to emerge healthier.