Organize Your Space – Reduce the Stress of the Mess

May 12, 2020

Organize Your Space – Reduce the Stress of the Mess

This global pandemic might have limited our lives in different aspects. Countless disruptions and changes in the way we work, learn and in general, the way we live. But we know that one of the greatest abilities of human is being susceptible to changes. This is the perfect time to cope and adapt. Make the most out of this challenging time to rearrange and reorganize things, and our life itself.

Clutter is stressful, it can be an energy zapper, it brings chaos at your home and in your heart. Edit your life by decluttering and organizing your space. Make your time at home valuable. It means examining your life, going through all that you have and deciding what’s important, which ones to keep and discarding the rest. Let go of the things which no longer serve a purpose in your life so you can free up some space for what is more important to you.

Start small. Take one space or room at a time. Choose a portion at your home each day, this is micro-movements. When you start cleaning out, remove all items and start with a blank slate. Purge like there’s no tomorrow. Be ruthless. If it’s something you are not using or haven’t even use at all, donate it. It it’s broken, you do not need it anymore. Get rid of things which are stained, worn out or spoilt. The more you can get rid of, the less cluttered your space will be. Only put back those that are absolutely necessary and those that brings you joy.

Once you have cleaned up, put like items together. Corral your categorized items. It will make it more easily accessible. That is the best way of organizing things. It is for easier way also of finding stuff that you need. And have fun and put some art on by labelling. It helps you quickly determine what is where and it will also add some of your personal touch on it.  But of course, make sure to put it back properly. The effectiveness of decluttering and organizing is also dependent on its sustainability. It is how you get to maintain what you have sorted out and minimized. Do not get your scatterbrained side leave materials lying around everywhere. Once finished using an item or thing, make it a habit to put things back. You worked hard to create an organizational system, so make an effort to maintain them.

Do not be afraid to make some changes or tweak what you have established in organizing your things. If you find anything that is not working or it seems not practical and workable; that is totally fine. Just go and tweak it. Coming to the best includes changes, don’t be anxious to reassess and fix those annoying system. That is part of the process.

Make a commitment not to buy something unless it serves a valuable purpose and if possible, get rid of something old at the same time. When your clear your space, it brings your mind, peace and a sense of relaxation.  The sooner you embrace this change, the sooner you can enjoy more valuable things in life.

There is no better feeling than having a freshly organized space. The less clutter, the more space you can have and the more amount of time you will save looking for things you can’t find.  Take off some excess baggage, anything that doesn’t add value, it will help you live a better life.