7 Foods that Can Help Boost Immunity

February 11, 2021

7 Foods that Can Help Boost Immunity

It's always good to do what you can to boost your immunity. Aside from taking the time to workout, are there any foods that can help boost our immunity? Here's our top ten immune-boosting food recommendations to incorporate into your diet.


Citrus Fruits

Vitamin C is probably one of the top nutrients we need to boost our immune system and it is also one the key nutrient in citrus fruits! Although vitamin C doesn't prevent illness, it can help support our immune system. Research appears to encourage the average adult to consume about 200 mg of vitamin C a day to prevent infections. How much do these citrus fruits contain? Well one medium sized orange provides about 70 mg and a grapefruit provides about 90 mg. So if you can incorporate a citrus fruit into your daily diet this could help boost your immunity.



Another vital nutrient our body needs to boost our immunity is vitamin E. This vitamin helps boost our immune cells so that it can defend against invading bacteria and viruses. Nuts such as sunflower seeds and almonds contain this key nutrient. About a quarter cup of sunflower seeds covers about half of the daily recommended goal for vitamin E intake. You can even consume the almonds as an almond butter and incorporate them on your toasts or into your smoothies. Another immunity-boosting nut are walnuts! This nut is one of the top anti-inflammatory foods and also contains vitamins E, B6, and folate! 


Bell Peppers

Another food that includes a good amount of vitamin C are actually red bell peppers. In fact, it contains about 3 times as much vitamin C than a Florida orange. Bell peppers also are a rich source of beta carotene which can help keep your eyes and skin healthy. What a perk! So load up on bell peppers the next time you hit the grocery shop!



This vegetable is jam-packed with vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A, C, and E. It also contains fiber and antioxidants which makes this one of the healthiest vegetables you can stick into your diet. One of the best ways to consume it, to keep as much of its nutrients intact, is by steaming the broccoli, trying to cook it as little as possible or consuming it raw.


Garlic + Ginger

Garlic is an essential ingredient in many of our meals and adds that extra delicious taste and aroma! However, did you know that garlic also has immune-boosting properties which seem to come from it's concentration of sulfur-containing compounds, like allicin. Ginger is another great ingredient to help boost the immune as it can help decrease inflammation. You can make a simple drink by adding a few slices of ginger and honey and simmering it in hot water.



Curcumin, the component responsible for turmeric's bright orangey color, is known for it's potent anti-inflammatory compound. It can help boost your immune cell activity and improve your antibodies' response. One of the best ways to consume turmeric curcumin is by combining it with black pepper as it will maximize absorption into our body. If you don't often make foods with turmeric you can opt to take it as a daily supplement. FarmHaven's Turmeric Curcumin contains BioPerine, a black pepper extra, that greatly enhances curcumin absorption and contains 1,965 mg of turmeric goodness.



Yogurts are a great source of vitamin D and contain good live bacteria that can help strengthen your digestive health. About 80% of the immune system is contained in the digestive system to help fight bad bacteria, maintain gut health, and repair cells. So consuming yogurt can help stimulate your immune system to fight disease. Make sure to go for plain yogurts instead of the flavored ones or those loaded with sugar. Instead you can sweeten the plain yogurt with more healthy ingredients such as fruits or a drizzle of honey.