Love Your Body and Yourself

June 30, 2020

Love Your Body and Yourself

You have two homes, the Earth, and your body. Make sure you take care of both. When pursuing self-love, saying “thank you” to your body is the most important thing you can do. Loving your body and yourself may not come so easy for you, but will allow you to enhance your wellbeing and to fully enjoy life. Stop hating your body for its small imperfections. It is time to change the way you think and make sure you put some conscious effort in doing so. Learn some ways to appreciate your body thru basic techniques of self-love and wellness.

Stop the habit of self-hate. It is the first thing you should do. When you look into the mirror, do not look for imperfections, instead, find something in your body to appreciate. Always, think and talk about yourself with love.

Be proud of your strong body and self. For sure, you have been through and dealt with every emotion there is: fatigue, stress, worry, anxiety and of course, laughter and happiness too. That alone is a reason enough to celebrate something good in your life. You survived and is continuously thriving!

Focus on how you feel. Notice what you do and how it makes you feel. When your body is light and clean, you ditch off the scale, how you are feeling becomes more relevant and left to matter the most. Do you feel great after an ice cream cone? Feeling strong after a workout? Then, go again. Listen to what your body tells you, what are those that make you feel good and what doesn’t. When you stay focused on the things that make yourself and body happy, your weight and BMI will naturally drop, which will even more benefit you.

Do not compare yourself to others. When you become absorbed into this habit, you unknowingly damage your sense of self. You will start to feel jealous or competitive against a person. It won’t help you accomplish your goals, but instead, this becomes dangerous for yourself by putting so much guilt and envy. Keep in mind, each person has their own insecurities and imperfections. Our bodies are not a valid measure of a person’s value. So, quit the comparison.

Treat yourself. Do things that make you feel good, sexy, and confident. Maybe that's setting aside a few minutes to just give yourself a full body massage. Take a long, hot bath and lather yourself with your favorite scented foam. Doing a refreshing face mask or putting on a full face of makeup for no reason other than it makes you feel good. Train your brain to associate your body with positive feelings.

Self-love is a multifaceted concept. The relationship you have with yourself is just like any other you have in your life. It requires nurturing, patience, love, and kindness. Accept your body and appreciate all the things it can do for you. Turn your focus from appearance to gratitude for everything your body can do for you. A healthy and active body is a beautiful body. Remember, your life becomes your masterpiece when you learn to master peace.