Live Happy – Simple Ways to Brighten Up Your Day

February 06, 2020

Live Happy – Simple Ways to Brighten Up Your Day

If only I had more money, I would be happier. If only I could meet my soul mate, I would be happier. If only I had a healthier body, more time to spend with my family… a more interesting job…. Fewer problems, then I would be happy. If you have ever had even one of these thoughts, then, welcome to the human race.
Most of the time, even if you are generally satisfied with what you have, you probably still think you could be even happier. And it is normal to think that when you have a better life, it would make you happier.

Happiness as defined is a broad term that can mean different things to different people. It should reflect the entire human experience; it is less concerned with feelings of momentary bliss but instead focuses on emotions that are flourishing. In aiming to live happily, there are simple things you can do daily to empower positive emotions upon yourself.

Lift the corners of your mouth. Smiling is a good form of exercise, not only it uplifts your spirits, it can also change your brain’s chemistry and will make you feel happier.

Go for a walk and put some pep in your step. When you walk tall while swinging your arms, it radiates positive vibes and will lighten up your mood.
Do some act of kindness. Volunteering for some community activities will help yourself a lot. It improves mental health and overall well-being. It is a win-win situation, you get to help others while ripping the positive benefits for yourself as well.

Stay connected and widen your circle of friends. Nothing beats spending quality time with your loved ones. And it also makes us feel good about ourselves when we make new friends. It could be a random person or a group you meet at the office, gym, church or even in the park. Several studies have shown that the more you stay connected and has strong relationships with people, the happier you are and can be.

Be grateful and count your blessings. When we appreciate the things we have, we will learn to be grateful and thankful for our blessings. Do not think of things that you do not have, instead, list and count everything’s that is good in your life. When you always look on the bright side, it will keep your perspective fixated only on positivity.

Learn to forgive. Do not hold onto grudges. Forgiveness gives us inner peace. Let it go, it will make a room in your life for good mantra and solemnity. This will invite happiness in your life.

Beat up. Turn on some tunes and listen to music as it has a very powerful effect on our emotions. It easily changes our moods as we get into the groove.

Get enough sleep. We all know that the quality of sleep we get has a direct impact on our moods. When we get enough shut-eye, around 7 to 8 hours for adults, it will help us stay in a good mood. Sleep deprived persons may have the highest chance of mood swings and irritations.

Emotions are contagious, hence, get along with positive people. Interact with people who are confident, healthy, perky and upbeat. Their energy and happiness will be passed on you, leaving you feel better.

Happy people are generally healthier. A 2007 study by Harvard School of Public Health showed that happy people – those with enthusiasm, hope and an engagement with life had a lower risk of coronary heart disease. Also, those people who has a positive outlook in life showed a better overall health and fewer illnesses acquired. Happy people tend to live longer. Life gets better in every measurable way when you become happier. So if you want a better life, stop looking for things, circumstances or other people to make you happy. Just get happy and watch what happens next!