Keep Your Heart Full and Your Life will be Fuller

March 23, 2020

Keep Your Heart Full and Your Life will be Fuller

Taking care of your heart means making a smart choice now that will pay off for the rest of your life. Our heart is a very strong muscle which pumps blood to our body. It works for us nonstop for our entire lives. So it is but just to show it some TLC. There are ways to keep our heart healthy and managing the risks.

Our heart is a muscle; hence, exercise is a way to strengthen it. Get moving and be physically active. You do not need an athlete type of training, just go for a slow work up to at least a moderate-intensity exercise. Cardiovascular health is greatly affected by our physical activities like aerobic exercise which includes running, walking, cycling, dancing and swimming. It also aids to lower blood pressure and reduce stress. Break up long periods of sitting, stand and walk for minutes or just simply move while doing things like talking on the phone, browsing the internet or watching TV.

Eat healthy. Load up with heart-healthy foods. Your meals should be mostly fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fish, nuts and low-fat dairy. Slash sugar and red meat. Stay away from saturated fats, your heart’s arteries will thank you. Stock up some healthy snacks in your pantry, put it in the most visible and east to reach area so it will be the first thing you will grab. Cut down on salt, be extra careful, it might be disguised in food labels as sodium sulfite, sodium citrate or MSG. Watch your salt intake to help lower high blood pressure. To keep cholesterol levels down, consider having lean meat like chicken or turkey and cook it roasted or baked. When you are able to manage what you eat and keep it healthy, you will be able to maintain a healthy weight as well. Keeping at your ideal BMI will help you stay away from heart diseases, stroke and diabetes.

Ditch the cigarettes. Smoking and secondhand smoke do nothing good for the heart. It increases the risk of heart disease when a person is exposed to cigarette smoke. This is because the chemicals emitted from cigarette smoke promote plaque buildup in the heart’s arteries. It causes inflammation and damage to vascular beds. Smoking also elevates your heart rate, tightens major arteries and causes our heart to do double job. Just simply say no to smoking. This will surely benefit you.

Doze off often and get enough sleep at night. Stress hormones increases when a person lacks enough sleep. When we have much of these stress hormones, it will also lead to an increased glucose production which will contribute to obesity and possibly acquiring diseases like diabetes. Stress hormones may also cause our heart to work harder because increases blood pressure and our heart rate.

Take a break. Learn how to manage stress. Do what you love more often. Some amount of stress may be good, but make sure to keep it from spiraling. Excessing stress can lead to inflammation and abnormal heart rhythms. Engage yourself to some relaxation, explore places, join yoga classes and reconnect with your family and friends. Enjoy life and live to the fullest. Keep a happy, healthy heart.