It’s True – You are What You Eat

May 21, 2020

It’s True – You are What You Eat

We’ve all heard the old adage, ‘you are what you eat’, but did we absolutely believe it? Have you ever stopped to think exactly how true it can be? It is every bit as true as it is hard to see. Put it simply, healthy eat is the key to well-being. Everything you eat becomes a part of your inner being.

Our body is made from the nutrients extracted from the foods we take. Hence, the composition of our cell membranes, blood and hormones is dependent on the nutritional content of what we eat. Our bodies are literally manufactured and made out of the food we consume.

Our forks are the master levers of medical destiny. Apart from our genes, of course, how we feed our body determines and plays a vital role in our health. There’s doubtless heard of nature or what we call genes, versus the nurture, or the environment. But this typically shows that lifestyle is so powerful and we can actually nurture the nature or simply say, influence our genes. That is achieved thru the power and promise of clean eating.

Clean foods are those minimally processed and as direct as possible coming from nature. They are free of additives, colorings, sweeteners and flavorings. The longer the ingredient list, the more room there is for manufacturing mischief which means the more it becomes processed. Step away from the packages with label full of listed additions of chemicals, sugar, salt and unnecessary calories. Processed foods are known to have lower amounts of fiber and water. Clean foods, on the other hand, are the opposite. They are rich in fiber and fluid; a high ratio of nutrients to calories. Free of chemicals and added flavors.

There is an opportunity for you to control your weight permanently without feeling hungry and deprived when you eat clean. You are able to satisfy your cravings without sacrificing your overall health. Remember that our body is replacing billions of cells every single day and it uses the foods we consume as its construction or building materials. Eating healthy reduces the risks of chronic diseases and it reaches into our innermost selves to improve the health of our genes. We nurture the nature. Our foundation and body made up maybe reliant to our genes, but just like any other structure, it can be improved with renovation, reconstruction and rebuilding. You just need to be wise in choosing the correct materials to use. As with our body, we can definitely change our medical destiny.

There is a clear link between food and our body. Food affects everything from our energy levels, mood, to our weight and even our ability to go on for the day and accomplish tasks. What we feed our body is what sustains us throughout each day. So, it becomes greatly important to eat nutritious foods to keep up with an energized body and positivity.

Every time you ingest, you change the interior landscape of you. We feed ourselves, we feed our innermost too. If you nourish your body with the right fuel, it will perform appropriately and better. Invest in your body, keep it clean and it will reward you for choosing and making healthy choices. Healthy foods lead to a healthy body which increases your odds to a longer, peaceful and happier life.