How You Can Make Time for Wellness

April 21, 2022

How You Can Make Time for Wellness

We all want to be healthy. However, it's so much easier to prioritize everything else in life over it, such as work, socializing, watching tv or surfing the internet. In order to actually start gaining better health we need to turn our intentions into actions. So how you start prioritizing wellness in your daily life? Here are five simple ways!


Baby Steps

Don't try to give yourself too much pressure by scheduling too much all at once. You can just spend 2 minutes in the morning to read or meditate. You can just squeeze in a 10 minute walk around the block during your lunch break. You can just try to drink more water throughout the day. Throwing in tiny bits of healthy activities is better than nothing at all. When we jot down a whole list of wellness ideas we hope to attain everyday, we may easily feel overwhelmed when we don't get to all of them and then give up entirely. So, start with baby steps. All these little bits will add up. AND, what's most important is that it is more sustainable!

Identity Your Wellness Goals

If you don't have a goal in mind, it can be hard to actively work towards a wellness plan. So take time to think out what you want to achieve. For example: Strengthen abs: Do ab workouts at least 2-3 times a week. Once you have got your goal set, write it down somewhere you can easily see it or tell a family member or friend about it. In this way, you will be reminded of the goal that you are working towards. Make sure that the goal you set is reasonable.

Build It Into Your Life

Now that you've got your goals down, write them down on the white board stuck to your fridge or put a sticky-note on the bathroom mirror so that you'll be reminded of it. Hide unhealthy snacks out of sight or even better, restrain yourself from buying them so you won't be tempted. Set alarms on your phone to remind yourself to take mini-breaks so you can get up and grab some water. Have fun and incorporate different tricks into your daily routine so that you can easily remind yourself to include wellness efforts even when you aren't thinking about them.

Set a Schedule

Just like any plan, if you don't schedule it in, chances are you're going to put it off. So whether it is planning your walk during your lunch break, trying to wake up early for a  morning stretch routine, or making time to do some healthy meal prep, make sure to set aside a specific time so you can turn your intentions into action. When you know that a certain time frame has been scheduled for your wellness goals, you are less likely inclined to let some other activity interrupt your plan.

Surround Yourself With Wellness

Those around us can have a huge influence on us in one way or another. Most of us are all interested in being healthy, so when you take the time to talk about your wellness goals with your friends and family, you may find that you both have some common ground. In this way, the people around you may also be more motivated to improve their wellness lifestyle. This can then turn into a positive healthy cycle where your friends and family can also help motivate you as well. You have thus created an environment of people that remind you to make wellness an essential part of your daily life.