How to Stay Positive During the Pandemic

October 27, 2020

How to Stay Positive During the Pandemic

So who would've thought this virus would affect the whole world for over half a year! Now, phrases such as "social distancing", "wear your mask", and "sanitize your hands' are all a part of our daily conversations. With this new set of lifestyle and all its limitations, it can be easy for one to wallow in a dark, dense hole. The news doesn't exactly help and sometimes social media worsens our mental state of mind by feeding us exaggerated, bad news. So how can we pull ourselves out and boost our sense of confidence despite this crisis and cultivate an optimistic outlook on our life? Here are a few tips we personally liked:


Focus on What's in Your Control

When we see how out of control the world around us is, fear and uncertainty can creep into our minds, making us feel so vulnerable. Depression and anxiety then sets in and our mind starts thinking of all the negative points about our lives. Although we can't control the actions of others, we can shift our focus somewhere else. On what?

Focus on aspects of your life that boosts your self-confidence. Think of what you are in control of in your life and make a list - whether they are big and small things. Looking at that list can help you notice a lot of the good that's happening in your life and restore your sense of peace.


Try to Live One Day at a Time

There's a famous quote that says, "Never be anxious about the next day, for the next day will have its own anxieties." It's completely normal to feel anxious, but don't increase your anxiety for the day by thinking about tomorrow's today. Also, fretting over things that are out of your control won't help and can only increase your anxiety and depression. In addition, try to remember, that about 80% of what we worry about won't actually happen the way we fear it will, so thinking of that can also help relieve the pressure we put on ourselves.


Limit Your Social Media

The news and social media are great ways to stay up-to-date on the virus, however too much information can seriously overwhelm us. If we are constantly glued to the tv or other electronic devices and are feeding our mind with all the bad news out there, then the world will begin to look more and more like a dark place. That's why it's a smart practice to limit how much time you spend watching the news to reduce your sense of dread. That's not saying that we are making ourselves completely ignorant about what is going on around the world, but being bit more mindful of how much psychologically we can take. If you find yourself feeling more fearful and agitated, then maybe it's time to step away from the news for a bit.


Focus on the Good That's Happening

When we often see human's worst traits showing on the news, it can make us believe that the situation will never get better and cause us to develop a very negative, suspicious mindset towards everyone. That's really not good and it also doesn't paint a very balanced picture of the world situation and people's motives. Instead, take time to find some good pieces of news. Find reports of people doing good and helping during this pandemic time. This will help remind ourselves that there are still good people in this world and that there are people who are trying to change the situation for the better.


Set a Schedule

"Let all things take place decently and by arrangement." Try to maintain order in your life. With all the social distancing, you may find that you have a lot of time on your hand that you normally would use going out and socializing with friends. At first you might have welcomed the time for yourself, however it may be easy to develop some lazy habits that hinder your positivity and cause one to feel more and more discouraged. One thing that can contribute to disorder & stress is procrastination.

That's why taking the time to set up a daily schedule can help you keep busy and stay both physically and mentally healthy. Try to start your work schedule just as you would had you gotten ready to drive to work. Make time during breaks or after work hours to have a zoom social gathering with friends. Set a specific time to workout everyday. Learn a new skill, craft, or language! Think of some of the things you wanted to pursue before but just didn't have the time for and start working on those now~ You will feel more and more better about yourself as you set a schedule and reasonable personal goals!