How to Eat Healthy During the Holiday Seasons

December 15, 2020

How to Eat Healthy During the Holiday Seasons

With the holiday seasons, it's all too easy to take it easy on ourselves and indulge one too many times on grandma's pies or an extra helping of mashed potatoes. This time of year is usually filled with lots and lots of delicious foods, which is why research shows that most of us end up gaining some extra weight during this season. However, let's make this year different and start preparing ourselves to make healthier choices while still having a great time!


1. Exercise, Exercise, Exercise!

Make sure you don't slack off! In order to burn off those extra calories, make sure to workout at least 5 times a week for at least 25-45 minutes a day. Depending on your age and health, you will need to cater the type of workout to your body condition. If you haven't been working out at all, you can first start off 2 times a week and then work your way up. It would be best if you can incorporate some moderate aerobic exercises that helps get your heart pumping.


2. Be Balanced

It's okay to cheat once in awhile. Just don't make that excuse every other day. Being balanced is key to staying fit and healthy this holiday season. However, you may need to make up for those extra calories by doing some extra exercises to burn it off later. A great way to control your calorie intake is to make sure that you keep those cookies and candies away from your workspace area where it is all too easy to mindlessly snack. Keep these treats in a place where it is not as easily accessible. Having a craving? If you do end up baking a batch of desserts, perhaps you can keep a small portion and give the rest away to other friends and family.


3. Don't Go to a Party Hungry

Before you go to a party, try to eat some healthy snacks like fruits, veges, or nuts. In that way, you won't be crazily stuffing yourself with all that heavy but delicious comfort foods at the party. At the same time, you are still able to enjoy the delicious food at the party, but in moderation.


4. Say No

It may be all too easy to be coerced into that extra scoop of meatballs. Many times, we end up overeating because others keep stacking on food onto our plates as soon as we eat it clean. In this case, make sure to learn how to say no politely. If you still feel bad, perhaps you can instead ask if you can pack it home to eat for later! 


5. Don't Stand Around the Table

If you have a habit of standing around the table talking to others, then it's time to switch spots. It can be all too easy to overeat when the food is right in front of you. Instead, move away and start conversing with others. If the conversation is going well, that's fantastic! This will give your body time to digest your food and for you to properly determine whether or not you're really still hungry for more food. At times, it takes awhile for our mind to kick it and tell us that we're full.


We hope these holiday eating tips can help you overcome the dreaded weight gain that comes with this happy time of the year.