How to Build Closer Relationships With Others

June 03, 2021

How to Build Closer Relationships With Others

This question often comes up at one point in our life. Especially after a major even happens that suddenly increases our desire to be more connected to the ones around us that really matter to us. In life, there are many factors - timing, conflicting schedules, differences of opinion, distance, misunderstandings - that can impact the most important of relationships. Read on for tips that can help make your relationships stronger.


1. Accept Imperfection

When you are constantly focused on the imperfections of yourself or others, how close did you feel with that person? Think also about when you've felt the closest to someone. You probably weren't all too concerned with how you were coming across. So try not to be a perfectionist. Whether you're at work, at home, or out with friends, pay special attention to your inner critic. That voice inside you may be what's keeping you from building a closer relationship with others. In addition, when you reveal your inner vulnerability, others will also feel more close to you.


2. Be Mentally & Physically There

A good question to ask ourselves regard the people we want to be closer with is, "Do they feel that I love them?" So the next time you're with someone that's important to you, trying to make sure that you are offering your true self to them. Try to refrain from judging them and just be yourself. Observe them, how do they look compared to the last time you met them? How have they been? Make good eye contact with them. Try to be mentally there instead of just physically there but mentally in another dimension. Others can sense if we're truly paying attention to them.


3. Identify Your Role in the Relationship

A close relationship isn't an overnight process. It takes time and effort. Observe your interaction with the one you want to be close to. In one study regarding workplace behavior, people are categorized into three types, givers (always helping others), takers (focused on what they can gain from others), and matchers (those who try balance out what they give and take). This idea can be used in our day to day relationships as well. It has been shown that those who give more to others, people tend to feel closer to them. Those who are takers often have a difficult time building relationships because they are overly concerned with their own needs. A great way to practice becoming a giver is by thinking of short five-minute favors such as writing a thank you card to giving a small gift.


We hope that these tips can help you enhance your relationships with others. Which one would you like to start implementing today?