Healthy Habits to Add More Decades to Your Life

April 17, 2020

Healthy Habits to Add More Decades to Your Life

A habit is defined as a usual or settled way of behaving and something that a person does often or regularly and in a repeated way. Any activity that you do in the aim of achieving healthy mind and body should be done through repetition and with stability in order to realize your goals. You know what’s a big secret in being successful with this plan? Do not immediately go all in, just start small. Forming a habit takes consistency. When you go all in and change everything, you will end up changing nothing. Here are some healthy habits to develop which will help adding more fruitful years to your life.

Keep Moving. Whenever you can, choose to walk and involve yourself in some physical activity every single day. One of the easiest and most convenient ways of improving your health is going out and getting some fresh air. Go for a walk in the park or in your neighborhood; spending time outside allows you to manage your stress. How to keep yourself motivated in being active? Ask a family or a friend to join you. It will be fun and will keep you bouncing off the walls.

Eat healthy. This is no brainer. It is so true that you are, what you eat. Hence, be picky and choose only what is right and healthy before it goes into your mouth. Form a habit where you will go for more fruits and vegetables over some sugary, salty snacks. Do portion control when having a meal. Fruits and veggies take the most part, and smaller portions for higher calorie foods. Eat at a phase where you will be able to appreciate the food. This allows you to chew your food slowly and will reduce calorie intake by about 10%. Remember, it takes your stomach approximately 20 minutes to tell your brain that it’s full. Along with healthy eating is your goal to always stay hydrated as well. Getting the right amount of water is extremely important for the body. A better guide to check if you’re drinking enough water is when you urinate once every 2-4 hours and the urine is in light color.

Ditch smoking. For obvious reasons, smoking doesn’t do any good for your health. If you want to add years to your life, better quit smoking or if a non-smoker, do not waste time considering getting into it. Smoking dulls your senses of taste and smell. It slows down blood circulation and greater the risk of heart diseases. It damages airways and small air sacs which can lead to lung disease. Smoking can diminish overall health.

Maintain your normal BMI (body mass index). People come in all shapes and sizes. While it is good to embrace our differences, it is important for everyone to stay healthy. BMI estimates your body fat percentage based on your height and weight. Obesity and high levels of fat carry a variety of health consequences and may affect your quality of life and overall health. The risks for chronic diseases are high when the body weight and BMI are not controlled.

Always smile. An easy habit to adopt. It doesn’t require much effort, simply raise the corners of your mouth and it will provide instant happiness. This is a true mood-changer.

Challenge yourself. Temptations are everywhere and forming a habit takes time and consistency. Your drive and determination will get you going. The road maybe rough, but the success is long-lasting. So, just keep hustling!