Health is Wealth

August 16, 2019

Health is Wealth

   Be Healthy – Defined as a state of complete emotional, social and physical well-being, Health is a resource to support an individual’s function in the society and for living a full life. Good health not only refers to the absence of disease in our body, but also its ability to recover and bounce back from any illness.

   The two most commonly discussed types of health are physical and mental health. They are being linked to the wellbeing of a person. To attain good physical health, it involves pursuing a healthy lifestyle to maintain our physical fitness/wellness. It is getting into the stage where our bodily functions are working and at its peak performance.

   While it is harder to define mental health than physical health, it is commonly dependent on the individual’s perception of their experience. This refers to a person’s social, emotional, and psychological wellbeing. Mental health is dependent on one’s ability to enjoy life, achieve balance, adapt to adversity, bounce back from difficulties, feel secure and safe and being able to achieve one’s potential.

   No matter how we differentiate health types, it is important to approach our health as a whole, after all, it is our complete wellbeing that is being nurtured by attaining good health.

   There are several factors affecting one’s health. That includes our environment and state of the surroundings, genetics, income, our relationships and education level. According to the World Health Organization, those individuals with higher socioeconomic status are more likely to enjoy good health. It could be possibly due to their capability to afford good healthcare for times their health is threatened. This possibility may be the case for most instances, but at the very least, we can do our part to make our own lifestyle choices that can support our physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

   Taking Steps for Better Health – Managing heath can be challenging at times, as it involves having a sound body, mind, and spirit. Our wellness demands may vary from one person to another. But at the end of the line, it is knowing the importance and ensuring how to attain good health are the topmost things we should keep in mind.

   A healthy mind and body will always be our resource to enjoy life. Regardless of who we are in the society, whatever we have achieved, how much we own and no matter how much wealth we have acquired, if it is our health that is at risk, we cannot perform and support our function in this life. Hence, health is our true wealth, it is where our lives are dependent on. It depicts how we are able to enjoy and fulfill this life.

Consider these pointers to choosing the road to good health.

• Keep up with a Healthy Diet – You are what you eat.
• Keep moving – Exercise regularly
• Explore – Spend more time outside
• Doze off – Get enough sleep
• Reduce Stress – Find balance between work and personal life. Enjoy.
• Stimulate your brain - Read, challenge your thought patterns, take up a new hobby
• Relax – Take some time for yourself

   Cliché as it may seem, but health is truly our most treasured wealth. Good health is a genuine gem to upbeat our lives. It enables us to perform at our best and fulfill our role in this life. Make it your topmost priority and start living a healthy life today!