Eating Well, Living Well

December 10, 2019

Eating Well, Living Well

We are what we eat. Ideally, we should be going over the foods that will help us, but this isn’t always the case. Most of us get trapped in a cycle of self-harm and we are not even aware of it. We wanted to seek immediate satisfaction from the foods we eat, instead of dealing with our problems. This is what we call, emotional eating or eating for comfort.
Food can be so tricky. There are so many enticing foods out there and are readily available for us. We often use food as a motivator, a reward or a treat. If you want to learn how to eat healthy, read on.

When you have self-respect, you consider what you eat a part of the process of respecting yourself. It is not recommended to do any sense of restriction or withholding foods that you enjoy eating. It will only leave you a feeling of deprivation. Always keep in mind, how much is your health worth? Cliché as it may sound, but it is really true that Health is wealth. Without health, what would we have? Health is basically what let us get up in the morning and do and enjoy the things that we needed to do. Be kind to your body. The epitome of self-love is taking care of yourself.
It is always best to think of these guidelines when choosing a food to eat. Think of what the food has to offer you. Ideally, we want our food to offer us nutrients like, vitamins, minerals, fiber, protein, good fats and carbohydrates. These are essential to give our body the nourishment it needs.
Are your foods desirable and enjoyable to eat? It is as important as choosing what food to eat, because if your food doesn’t offer you some form of pleasure, it may just leave you with the feeling of unsatisfaction. When we feel unsatisfied, we end up mindlessly skimming through other foods in order to feel a sense of pleasure and satisfaction. Hence, it contributes to the negative cycle of emotional eating.

Another very useful tip is to ask yourself before you eat. “Am I really hungry for this food?” Know the purpose of you eating the food. If the answer is yes, you will of course, eat the food. But if the answer is no, you better ask yourself why do you still want to eat the food. The answer might be indicative of emotional eating.
When you eat for the purpose of disconnecting from uncomfortable emotions or numbing out, it is known as emotional eating. When you eat emotionally, it demonstrates lack of self-respect or honoring your emotions. Do not eat just because you are bored and you want to fill your time. When you eat because you are lonely and causes food to be your friend on those kinds of times. Eating when tired, because you wanted sugar rush for energy. Eating when you want to calm yourself down every time you feel anxious. And eating when you want to escape sadness. These scenarios are examples of emotional eating which aren’t healthy reasons to eat.

Empower yourself when it comes to food choices. When your inner strength is powerful, you choose food that serves your health and wellness goals. Always listen to your body because it will tell you exactly what to do. You have the power in every situation, especially the power to choose. When you and your body feel uplifted after eating your proper food choice, you are practicing a healthy eating as a form of self-respect. Manage your emotions and move away from deprivation mindset.
A very good point to ponder. Remember this and never forget, when certain people disrespect you and make you feel bad about yourself, that is the same feeling when you disrespect your self and your body when indulging on bad eating habits. So be kind to your body. We have the ability to make positive changes towards our health. It starts within us. Aim for progress, not perfection. We are the CEO of our own health. Do self-love, a lot of self-love.