Eat Clean, Live Better

June 23, 2020

Eat Clean, Live Better

One of the biggest trends, when we talk about healthy living, is clean eating. That means moving to a fresh, more natural, whole foods and cutting down on unhealthy choices like fats, excess sugar, salt and cholesterol. This lifestyle can certainly be enjoyed and will be easy-breezy as long as you follow some guidelines. The idea is basically to consume foods the way nature delivered it or as close to their natural state as much as possible.

Rule of thumb, eat when hungry, stop when full. You can try and experiment on various ways of eating and when you find a diet where your body responds to very well, stick with it. You should also consider taking smaller, more frequent meals rather than three large ones. It can help prevent overeating and reduce the impact of skipping meals too. Your blood sugar will be regulated as well to ensure you stay energized throughout the day.


Know the enemies. Sufficient knowledge on which ones to avoid will definitely help you a lot. Steer clear of trans fat, preservatives, processed foods, refined carbs and added sugar. Processed foods have been modified from their natural state and have lost some of their nutrients, and gained chemicals, sugar and other ingredients. Added sugar in any form should also be avoided. This includes foods that don’t taste particularly sweet, like condiments and sauces. Even natural sugar sources can only contribute very little nutritional value. Hence, when getting into clean eating, try to consume foods in their natural, unsweetened state. The small sweetness of fruit should be appreciated.

Drink more water and make it as your primary beverage. Water remains to be the healthiest and of course, the most natural drink. It can keep you hydrated and by drinking more water, you will naturally consume less of other foods and unhealthy sources. Sugar-sweetened beverages and those which deliver more caffeine, artificial sweeteners and alcohol have been consistently been linked to obesity, diabetes and other diseases. Also, alcohol is made of yeast, crushed grains, fruits, and vegetables fermented. Frequent alcohol consumption has shown to promote inflammation and contribute to a few health problems, like liver diseases, diabetes, and excess belly fat. So, keep water as your main beverage when following a clean eating lifestyle.


Up your vegetables and fruits. They are undeniably healthy and loaded with fiber, minerals, and vitamins. It is very ideal for clean eating that you go for fruits and vegetables as most can be consumed raw immediately after harvest and washing. You do not need to just mainly consume fruits and vegetables in your daily, but there are some ways to incorporate them. Make your dishes as colorful as possible, that means including at least three different vegetables. You can also add berries, apples, or even orange slices to your meal. These whole foods only require very little preparation time but will allow you to gain a lot of health benefits.

Revamp your lifestyle and choose clean eating to emphasize fresh, nutritious and minimally processed foods. You will begin to appreciate the foods’ natural flavors and nutrients. This eating lifestyle doesn’t always come in black and white. There can be modifications and doesn’t require you to avoid certain food groups. It is meant to improve the quality of your life by eating and living healthy. Sit, savor, and share.