Does Apple Cider Vinegar Actually Help?

April 01, 2021

Does Apple Cider Vinegar Actually Help?

Apple cider vinegar is a hot ingredient that most of those who are into wellness keep in their pantry. This go-to ingredient has often been used for a variety of health home-care remedies. Many claim that taking a shot of it every day can help aid with digestion and weight loss! Is that really the case?


What Are The Benefits?

  1. Bloating & Gas

    Well according to some doctors, apple cider vinegar may help in some situations such as treating bloating and gas. So if you are suffering from bloating or gas on a regular basis, you can give apple cider vinegar a try to see if it works for you. You can start by mixing about 2 tbsp. of apple cider vinegar with a glass of water and consuming it prior to eating.

  2. Lower Blood Sugar

    In addition, according to some researchers, it seems that apple cider vinegar may help stabilize blood sugar levels after a meal. It seems that it can help control and slow the rate the stomach empties itself, which in turn can control how much sugar hits your bloodstream, however more research is needed to make this a fact.

  3. Promoting Satiety

    Another surprising factor is that apple cider vinegar has been shown to potentially help people lose weight. According to several studies, taking this vinegar can help increase one's feeling of fullness which can cause them to eat less & lose weight. In addition, the vinegar itself also contains very little calories, about 3 calories per tbsp.


Other Alternatives?

For many people, getting over the taste and smell of vinegar is a huge barrier for them. If that's the case for you, there are also plenty of non-smelly and non-nasty tasting method of enjoying the benefits of apple cider vinegar and that is through supplements. You can check out FarmHaven Apple Cider Vinegar, they offer two types of apple cider vinegar supplements with different organic herbs to help with different health concerns.


The Takeaway

Regardless of what you decide, although consuming apple cider vinegar is relatively safe, it is important to keep in mind that moderation is still key and that if you aren't sure, you should still check with your primary physician.