Apple Cider Vinegar

June 28, 2019

Apple Cider Vinegar

  Why is apple cider vinegar good for you? It is true that ACV is making the rounds as a kind of “miracle cure” to many diseases and allows people to reap benefits that are essential for one’s health.

  What is apple cider vinegar? ACV as it is commonly called, is jam-packed with enzymes and health-forming probiotics formed thru the process of fermentation of apple cider (fresh pressed apples) to alcohol and then alcohol into vinegar. The fermentation process equates to an extensive list of benefits of apple cider vinegar. It is no doubt that one will come across several articles and testimonies touting the good effects driven from drinking apple cider vinegar.

  ACV may contain the same nutrient level as apples. This involves a good source of Vitamins C, B, Magnesium, Potassium and various antioxidants.

  This “miracle cure” has been used for a wide range of purposes, such as liver health, immunity booster, lowering blood sugar level, help in purifying the blood, boosting your heart health, skin, and oral care, energy booster and simply improving your overall health.

  Based on several studies, here are the top 6 health benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar:

  It may help control and lower blood sugar levels – Vinegar increases the efficiency of insulin by improving its sensitivity even during a high-carb meal. A test has been conducted which proves that consumption of vinegar after eating white bread decrease blood sugar levels by 31%. The acetic acid contained in ACV basically blocks the absorption of starch. Vinegar isn’t a standalone treatment for diabetes or high blood sugar levels but consuming some amount with meals may possibly moderate the glucose in the body and increase the insulin responsiveness.

  Help Lower Cholesterol – Apples and vinegar both contain the dietary fiber, called Pectin which helps neutralizes bad cholesterol. ACV also lowers triglycerides which is the cause of fatty plaque building up in the arteries, which blocks the blood flow. The acetic acid also found in vinegar lowers bad cholesterol, hence, reducing the risk of heart disease.

  Improves Skin Health – The antibacterial properties of apple cider vinegar help keep acne under control. Its malic and lactic acid components improve the texture, pigmentation and appearance of the skin as it softens and exfoliate the skin, hence, also lightening scars, reducing red spots, fade bruises, remove warts and gives balance to the pH of your skin. It is recommended to add this all-natural, simple and inexpensive solution to your beauty routine.

  Liver Health – Liver is known to be a major elimination organ. It works to clean the blood by transforming the chemicals and toxins we intake for excretion. The healing properties of apple cider vinegar can affect the blood and eliminate the buildup of harmful toxins in the body. ACV aids to balance your pH, it urges lymphatic drainage and nurtures proper circulation, making it a great aid for detoxification.

  To achieve a healthy body, antioxidant activity is recommended. If this is lacking, you get more free radicals and toxins than antioxidant, which then results in oxidative stress and causes diseases. This is where ACV steps in, it plays the role of maintaining the balance and is a good source of antioxidant to combat the stress. Thus, preventing diseases from taking over our body.

  While there is still a need for a wide range study to support all these health benefits, Apple Cider Vinegar is highly useful especially to those who would like to keep health practices natural and chemical free. Good news is, you can incorporate this to your diet as it has very few calories.

  Among its many benefits and researches made to substantiate the claims made about the Apple Cider Vinegar, this fermented food has become highly regarded because of its health-boosting properties. It is not a “cure-all” as what others might believe in, but it undeniably has important health benefits that are helpful in our lives.