7 Qualities Essential to Becoming Mentally Strong

August 26, 2021

7 Qualities Essential to Becoming Mentally Strong

Regardless of who we are and what kind of environment we grow up in, we all reach a point in our life where our mental strength is tested. It can be hard to be mentally tough when we are stressed out or feeling scared to take the next step. The following are seven qualities you can develop to improve your mental toughness.


1. Confidence

According to a recent study, it showed that confident people went on to earn higher wages and received promotions quicker than those who weren't as confident. Those who displayed confidence also seemed to have the upper hand because they were more decisive and their personality inspired others to do better. This trait also helps to get things moving forward.


2. Adaptable

Those who are mentally tough are flexible and can constantly adapt. They avoid allowing change to paralyze them or choke out their joy. In addition, they prepare for change in the sense that they always try to form a plan on how to overcome the changes if and when they happen. Instead of focusing only on the negative aspects of change, mentally strong people try to center their attention on the opportunities the change creates as well as the benefits that come with it.


3. Say "No"

Those who are mentally tough learn that saying "yes' to everything is the sure way to burning out & getting stressed. They have the strength and discernment to be balanced and say "no" to what they deem as an unnecessary added commitment or something they feel can be delegated to someone else. They are also able to clearly state their "no" and say it with confidence to avoid giving others any impression that their "no" can easily be changed to a "yes" with a bit more persistence. They also know when to say "no" to themselves, exercising self-discipline to deny themselves of certain activities or actions that may have a negative impact on their life.


4. Embrace Failure

Those who are mentally tough know that the road to success is filled with lots of failures. Mistakes are viewed as something to learn from and improve - not a dead end. It's the ability to fight the feelings of worthlessness & frustration. They are also able to not give up and continue fighting to find a solution despite feeling stuck in a rut.


5. Avoid Moping Over Mistakes

Those are mentally strong know how to balance viewing their mistakes. It's important to know what you did wrong and learn from your mistakes, however, if you spend all your time and energy fixated on a problem you made, it will only hinder you. Instead, focus on what needs to be fixed and then start taking steps to fix it.


6. Joyful State of Mind

A mentally strong person's joy stems from feeling good about what they do. They don't compare with others to get a sense of joy and satisfaction, nor do they allow other's opinions or accomplishments take away their joy. They realize that regardless of what the critics say, they are never as bad as others think. They are also content with their own accomplishments and only compare themselves to themselves. In this way, mentally strong people will always see how they've improved and feel joyful about it. In addition, mentally tough people don't try to get joy out of belittling or putting others down. They avoid jealousy and resentment as these feelings will only waste energy and time. Instead, they know how to appreciate and commend the success of other people, which also brings them joy.


7. Forgiving

Those who are mentally strong are able to easily forgive others. Life is a lot more easy going and peaceful when one can easily let go of grudges and forgive others. Negative feelings towards others will only ruin your own happiness today. Feelings of hate and anger also sap joy in our lives. There's a saying that hating or resenting someone is like drinking poison while hoping the other person dies. It will just add stress and negatively impact your mental wellbeing, while the other person may not even have a clue that you are feeling this way towards them. Freely forgiving others doesn't mean you condone their action, but it will free you from being a victim to negative feelings.


Do you feel like you may be lacking some of these qualities? The good news is that no one is born with all these trait naturally. Anyone can achieve cultivating these qualities and become a mentally strong person. The bigger question is, are you willing to start working on these qualities today?