6 Simple Things to Make You Happier

June 15, 2021

6 Simple Things to Make You Happier

Our home environment and what we do in that haven significantly impacts our mood, affect our productivity, and influence our viewpoint on life. Many studies have shown that making small tweaks in our daily habits and routines can have a huge impact on our happiness and outlook on our life. Here are seven simple things you can try at home to make you feel happier.


1. Keep Your Room Clean

One simple trick to incorporate into your daily schedule is to keep your room clean. After you wake up in the morning, make sure to make up your bed. Clear up any mess in your room. I'm sure you will all agree that when there is clutter, it is easier to become stressed out. You can't easily find what you are looking for and if you're in a rush, it can only cause more chaos. When your living space is clean and in order, you will feel more at ease. So spend a quick five minutes to tidy up and make your room look presentable. It can do a lot to boost your mood.


2. Display Items That Make You Happy

When you put out sentimental items around the house, it helps remind you and bring back those happy experiences, allowing you to relive them in a sense. It could be a heartwarming, candid photo of you with your parents or a special present you received on your graduation day. Turn your home into a display of positive memories that spark joy whenever you look at them.


3. Start a Gratitude Journal

Each day prior to going to bed, take some time to quickly jot down one good thing that happened that day. When we take time to reflect and focus on the positive that happened in our day, it can significantly increase our happiness. Also, thinking about the good that happens helps to cultivate gratitude which also makes us happy. When you take the time to jot down all the good that happens each day, on the days when you're feeling super down and negative, you have a journal full of the good that's happened in your life to remind you and drag you out of the feeling sorry for yourself blackhole.

4. Get Into What You Have to Do

There are many things in life that we don't particularly enjoy doing but have to do. If that's the case, instead of facing the chore with a sour attitude, try to get yourself into it. For example, if you're faced with a sink full of dirty dishes, try to get yourself into the chore. Turn on your favorite music and sing along as you wash the dishes. Put on your favorite show that you can watch as you wash. Get a dish soap that smells absolutely amazing. Pretend that you love washing dishes. When you try to get yourself into a task you normally aren't interested in, it can improve your mood and outlook of that task.


5. Call at Least One Person a Day

Text messaging and emailing does not count. Make the time to call at least one friend or family member a day. Think you're too busy to incorporate a phone call? Think again. You can do this while you are cleaning, cooking a meal, driving on the road, shopping and so forth. You can always find time to go on a 5 minute phone call. Regardless of our personality, humans are naturally social beings and even if we don't feel like it, when you make the time to reach out and talk to someone you care about, you will feel better!


6. Give Freely

Each day, do a good deed for someone without expecting anything in return. A wise proverb once said, "There is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving." So be the first to make that coffee for your mate or take out the trash. If you notice that the dishes have not been washed, instead of thinking that it's the other person's turn to clean them, you clean them up. When you take the initiative to do good for others, you will feel good about yourself.


We hope these small simple tweaks in your daily routine at home can help add a bit more happiness to your life. Which tip are you going to incorporate today?