5 Ways to Build Up Your Confidence

May 28, 2021

5 Ways to Build Up Your Confidence

Do you always doubt yourself? Are you looking for ways to help build your confidence? You may need to unlearn some old habits that may be affecting you negatively and you may need to learn how to talk to yourself and tune out the critic in you. Here are five tips that may help!


1. Work With What You Have

Each and every one of us has a lot of potential, the trick is making sure that you are fully utilizing what you have and making it work for you. If you're not a morning person, schedule all your most important meetings and tasks during the part of the day you are most effective and alert. Love exercising but can't seem to get yourself motivated to head to the gym? Instead of forcing yourself to do what you don't like, find a middle ground, perhaps working out from home or at a nearby park. Regardless, the trick is simple. Focus on your strengths and work with it.


2. Be Adventurous

Do more of what you're not great at. Write down a list of skills you are a noob at and work on them. No one is good at everything, especially all at once. It takes times to learn and work on a skill. So if it's public speaking or dancing, get out of your comfort zone and learn it. Also accept the fact that you won't be great at it in the beginning. When we are able to overcome a challenge or learn a skill we didn't have before, it can help boost our self-confidence. So pick one new skill from your list and start pursuing it today!


3. Daily Affirmations

Another great method to boost your confidence is positive affirmation. When you are constantly telling yourself something, you will gradually begin to believe it. Try looking into the mirror and say to yourself something positive, such as, " I am worthy.". "I am smart", "I am lovable", "I got this", etc. You can write them onto sticky notes and put them in places that you will regularly see so that you can often remind yourself what an amazing person you are.


4. Be a Friend to Yourself

They often say that friends have a huge influence on ourselves. It's true! However did you ever stop to think of who you spend the most amount of time with? It's actually yourself. We often have small talk with ourselves throughout the day whether we realize it or not. You also have the most say over how you actually feel about yourself. So don't be that bad friend that tears people down. Be nice to yourself. Treat yourself right. Speak kindly to yourself. Practice positive self-talk. You wouldn't talk down to a friend or nitpick constantly at them. The same goes for your relationship with yourself. When we consciously practice speaking positively and kindly to ourselves, it can help cultivate a greater appreciation of who we are.


5. Invest in Me-Time

You are responsible for yourself. What you do now for yourself, will impact your future. So make sure that you are making time for self-care. Take yourself out. Hang out with a close friend. Pamper yourself with a good meal. Take time to eat healthy and have ample time for rest. You and your health are the greatest investment in your life, so don't wait. Start eating healthier and getting enough sleep today. A large part of your future lies in your hands, so choose wisely. Make sure to find time to say "yes" to yourself.