5 Habits That May Help You Live a Longer Healthier Life

August 31, 2021

5 Habits That May Help You Live a Longer Healthier Life

Our genetics and the environment we live in can greatly affect how long we live. At the same time, there are some factors that you can control, which may help you to live a healthier, longer life. Read on to learn about five habits you can try implementing into your lifestyle.


1. Get Regular Checkups

One of the best ways to avoid major health problems is to detect the issue early on. That is why making sure to schedule regular checkups is so essential. If you feel some kind of pain or discomfort, don't wait until the situation gets worse, check it out early on. You may be able to fix the problem before it spirals into a bigger issue that's harder to cure. Just because you feel healthy and fine doesn't necessarily mean that everything inside you is running okay. So don't skip out on your annual physical exams! It could be the very thing that saves your life from a potential bigger health problem.


2. Healthy Diet

Did you know that poor diet is one of the leading causes of chronic diseases worldwide, killing more than 10 million every year? Here are some suggestions of a healthy diet plan to follow:

  • Eat more plants - Make sure every meal includes at least one plant-based dish.

  • Avoid processed foods - Processed foods are high in salt, sugar, saturated fats, & chemical preservatives, which are all bad for your health.

  • Drink more water - Try to drink at least six to eight glasses (8 oz.) of water every day.

  • Eat early & less often - You can try intermittent fasting where you eat all of your meals within an eight hour period (ex. 10 am. - 6 pm.). Some studies have shown that this method can help improve insulin stability, cholesterol levels, blood pressure, & energy levels.


3. Workout

According to one study, incorporating at least 15-30 minutes of exercise a day can prolong your life of up to seven years if you're in good shape. The type of exercise doesn't have to be super intense, just enough to get your heart pumping and your body up and moving. It can be even as simple as taking the time to walk around your neighborhood or around your house for about 30 minutes a day.


4. Quit Bad Habits

Do you have a habit of drinking too much alcohol? Many studies show that regularly drinking alcohol can damage your liver and immune system. Also, a diet that is high in sugars is bad for the body, so avoiding sweets, sugary drinks, & candies is another bad habit you can kick. Not to forget, fruits also contain sugars, so consume fruits moderately as well. Smoking is another bad habit that you should try quitting as soon as possible. According to the CDC, smoking is the leading cause of preventable death. Worldwide, smoking causes more than 7 million deaths per year.


5. Sleep Health

Many studies have shown that not getting enough sleep over time can lead to a shorter lifespan. It can also greatly impact your energy levels & decrease your performance throughout the day. Losing out on as little as one in a half hours of sleep can reduce your alertness by up to 32%! In fact, drowsy driving accounts for thousands of car crashes & fatalities each year! What a way to increase your risk of shortening your lifespan. So try to aim for at least seven-nine hours of sleep every night. Try to keep your electronics out of sight right before your try to go to bed.


We hope that these habits can help you live a healthier & longer life!