4 Steps to Cut Down on Sugar

September 29, 2020

4 Steps to Cut Down on Sugar

Are you addicted to sugar? Trying to kick the habit and lose the waistline? We've got four easy suggestions on just how you can rid yourself of this sugary poison!


Have the Right Mindset

Don't treat limiting sugar intake as depriving yourself of yummy treats. If you think that way, you will never succeed. Instead, think of it from another point of view. Think of the worst possible outcome eating too much sugary sweets can cause on your body. Like doubled waist size, heart disease, or diabetes. Or think of yourself as being allergic to it and that eating it would make you bloated, fat, and sick. If you change how you view keeping away from sugar, you won't feel like you are giving up anything, but rather that you are simply putting a stop to a bad addiction.


Eliminate the Supply

If you've tried to cut down on sugar, but always kept a stash of junk food high in sugar for an "occasional relapse" or as a "treat", you will almost always cave in. You can't expect to break away from an addiction when you surround yourself with the substance you're addicted to. Instead, if you really must treat yourself, only buy it when you want to eat it instead of keeping a few in your cabinets. That way it's not as easily accessibly and it's easier to avoid eating it altogether. Certain foods to avoid that are high in sugar are:

  • Chocolate
  • Snack Bars
  • Yogurt
  • Ice cream
  • Alcohol
  • Cereals



Instead of moping over what you can't eat, look into healthy but delicious choices of what you can eat. Still have an intense sugary craving? Choose naturally sweet foods such as fruits, dates, raisins, & more. You can also try Stevia as an alternative for additional sweetness. There are tons of low-fat, low sugar content vegetables, meats, cheese, nuts, and more that you can choose  from that's also delicious but healthy! Decide on one that you love and switch to that as your go-to snack.


Examine Your Emotions

Sometimes we're not actually hungry, but rather we grab for sweets when we feel tired, stressed, or frustrated. We unknowingly use treats as a way to soothe and comfort ourselves to cope with the situation we are facing. If you catch yourself reaching for a treat, ask yourself " Am I really hungry or am I just feeling stressed?" Can't resist having a snack still? Prep in advance! Make sure to prepare some yummy healthy alternatives so that when you must grab something to calm your nerves down, you at least have something healthy to nibble on without feeling guilty afterwards.


In Summary...

Sugar is a powerful addictive, yet if we have the right attitude, eliminate our supply of it, change our meal plans, & plan ahead, we can definitely work towards a healthier way of life.