3 Ways to Help You Remember Anything

May 17, 2021

3 Ways to Help You Remember Anything

Wish there was some method that could help you remember something important? Here are three steps you can try to help you remember anything you want to remember. Try them out!


1. Quiz Yourself

Instead of sticking to just reading and highlighting the points you want to remember, try quizzing yourself. When you quiz yourself and then you get the answer wrong, you are forced to look up the correct answer. That process can help you remember that you didn't remember that fact. If you're usually hard on yourself, getting an answer wrong may help you to remember it the next time. When you take the time to quiz yourself it can help boost your confidence in seeing how much you do remember and help you to also quickly learn what you haven't committed to memory yet.


2. Share What You Learn

Research has shown that those who teach others can learn faster and are able to retain more. When you take the time to discus it with someone, it can help you bring what you are trying to memorize to life. Even if you don't need to teach someone what you are learning, if you just think of how you can teach someone - that act itself can help you learn more effectively. When a person prepares to teach someone, they are more likely to search out the main points and organize them into a better structure for retaining and sharing with others.


3. Connect the Dots

Try connecting what you are learning to certain experiences that you've had. This is also know as associative learning - by relating what you don't know with what you know. For example, "Doing this and similar to doing that." This can help you process what you learning faster and makes it easier for you to retrieve that information that you've stored.