3 Steps to Break Free from Social Media Addiction

August 25, 2020

3 Steps to Break Free from Social Media Addiction

Is checking my phone constantly even that big of an issue? Well yes, to be exact, it can take a toll on your mental wellbeing. How so?

The Issue of Constant Scrolling

Since the start of various social media platforms, many have found themselves more and more absorbed in the the virtual world that came with it.

As it became increasingly easy to access such platforms, we gradually found ourselves unlocking our phones and scrolling first thing in the morning or during any lapse of open time we had.

Being in quarantine didn't help either, as it seemed to give people more "time" to check social media. We were filling our heads with more and more (bad) news that was flooding our feeds. So on top of being weighed down with anxiety from the pandemic, this constant social media consumption can leave us feeling more stressed, weary, & exhausted.

Therefore, before technology takes over our lives and adversely cause greater damage to our mental health, let's do something about it. 

Here are three simple steps to help detach ourselves from the virtual world:

1. Make Social Media Less Accessible

How many social media platforms do you have connected to your phone? A great start is to delete some of the social media icons off your smart phone.

Since in this age and era, it's practically almost impossible to not have your phone on you, having social media apps on hand would make it just too easy for us to check and scroll whenever we wanted - especially if we had a portable battery charge on hand.

When we don't have convenient access to social media on our phones, we will be less tempted to switch over and check them out each time we make a phone call, check the weather, reply to a text, or switch the song we were listening to. The harder it is to access these platforms, the less often you will be inclined to check it.

2. Schedule Your Usage

It's all about balance. Set up a time limit of how much time you check social media each day.

Social media platforms are definitely a great way to keep in touch with friends and family, get inspiration, have a good laugh, and so forth, however, when we spend excessive amount of time on it, it can have a negative affect on our routine, sleep, values, and even relationships with people!

Also, it's just plain rude to be scrolling in the company of family and friends. You may have begun to notice whole families and friends who are out at a restaurant for dinner and they're all not talking to each other at all. Why? They're all glued to their devices and scrolling. What happened to real, in-person social activities?

So, it's not that we're banishing social media completely from our lives, but rather, we're setting massive restrictions on our usage. In this way, we can still enjoy the benefits without being completely controlled by it. This will definitely take some self-discipline.

3. Use Your Time Wisely

Now that you can't easily access your social media apps, you may find yourself with some extra time. So fill it up with meaningful and nourishing content.

Pick a book to read, start a hobby, listen to podcasts, workout, etc. Instead of just absorbing content from unknown sources on our social media feeds, check out trusted news sites instead.



What's The Takeaway?

You will find yourself filling your time with more meaningful things in life. In addition, this can definitely boost your mood, reduce stress & anxiety, and perhaps even let you catch up on much needed sleep due to late night scrolling. Regardless of what it is, your mental health will thank you for it! So don't delay, start today :)